interactive sound/video installations

Sound is omnipresent; it is always there. You can close your eyes but you can’t truly close your ears. How often I have noticed that I don’t pay attention anymore to the sound around me. As an artist, I am fascinated by the conception, growth process, and life cycle of creativity, the inner voice that wants to be heard. What does it mean to have your own voice? SOUND invites you to envision yourself in the form of a sound imprint, a sonic reflection of your unique identity. SOUND is an interactive piece: alive, ever-changing, evolving, impermanent.

SOUND – interactive installation, permanent collection at Audyssey Labs, Los Angeles

Collaborator: Chris Kyriakakis

Thanks to Audyssey Labs engineers Tyson Yaberg, Tim Brochier, and Micah Hakala for helping make this happen.